We are excited to announce the next in our series of New Collaborations will bring together composers Monty Adkins and Martin Clarke. Adkins’ work is characterised by slow shifting organic instrumental and concrete soundscapes. His work focuses on encouraging a deeper immersive listening experience and his new works draw together elements from ambient, minimal electronica, acousmatic and experimental electronic music. Clarke is a sound artist, recordist and filmmaker. His work makes extensive use of environmental sound and video material to create layered, abstract, formal spaces which are often representational in appearance.

For this collaboration, Clarke will be performing with environmental sound and Adkins will be performing a set of  abstract and ambient materials. 

An exciting combination and we can’t wait to hear the results!

They will be performing at the next SOUNDkitchen event on Friday 25 July at Vivid Projects, Digbeth.

Tickets available soon.