The third duo to perform at SOUNDkitchen Series #03 are SOUNDkitchen members Iain Armstrong & Annie Mahtani. This is a new permutation of the collective, performing as a duo for the first time earlier this year.

With backgrounds in studio composition SOUNDkitchen have been developing a performance practice that brings the techniques and aesthetics of acousmatic music into a live performance situation. On this occasion Mahtani and Armstrong, working with their respective sound libraries, will perform a structured improvisation mixing and manipulating their material in real time. They are both using Ableton Live as host software extended by Max For Live and MAX/MSP. An ongoing area of research is how the integration of software and hardware devices such as midi controllers and live audio input (e.g. via contact microphone) might enable greater gestural control, subtlety of expression and sonic complexity when making music with recorded sounds in a live context.

The music they make is representative of a shared interest in field recording and the integration of found sounds into an abstract musical discourse that is both immersive and evolving.

Here is  an excerpt of their performance at Klang! Elactroacoustique in Montpellier in June 2014:

Iain Armstrong is a composer and sound artist who works with recordings of the sound environment. He aims to expose the inherent musicality of this material through reduced listening, digital manipulation and the act of composition and performance.  Armstrong’s output spans acousmatic concert music, sound design for theatre and visual media, multi-channel sound installation and live electroacoustic performance.

Annie Mahtani is a Birmingham based composer and sound artist. Her music is created from recorded sound objects and field recordings which are then transformed, manipulated and restructured, exploring the juxtaposition of real, abstract and surreal sound worlds. Annie composes concert and installation works, collaborates with dance and theatre companies and performs live electroacoustic sets. Her work has been performed extensively internationally.