Head to Vivid Projects this Saturday (28/11/15) for our final event of 2015, SONICpicnic, featuring two sessions of stereo and multichannel live electronic music, food from The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham, and a 6 channel sound installation by Chandra Chapman. Now we’d like to give you some more information about Manfredi Clemente, who will open the event’s second session.

Manfredi Clemente, born in Palermo (Italy) and now based in Birmingham (UK), is a composer specialising in musique concrète, field recording and electroacoustic improvisation. He is currently pursuing a PhD in electroacoustic composition, investigating space not only as a parameter of composition but as the main dimension of perception and evocative listening processes. Central to his practice is the interpretation of fixed media pieces through diffusion over acousmonia, alongside the collaborative development of  STRATI, a piece of software designed to at once allow free distribution of sound in space and facilitate the reduction of the gestural presence of the performer. Manfredi is an active member of BEAST, and has performed and received performances in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, and Greece.

At our event Manfredi will perform a live improvisation using a no-input mixing board accompanied by field recordings. The no-input technique feeds the hardware outputs of the mixer back to the inputs, resulting in its transformation into a feedback based analog synthesizer. Control over its internal processes is very far from being total: the device is in fact a semi-chaotic system where a slight change of a single parameter can completely subvert the totality of the audible result. The output of this paradoxical instrument is a challenge to audibility with sounds that range from the deepest bass to the most pleasantly harsh highs.

Manfredi will also perform on 10 December at the next instalment of BEAST’s BEASTdome pantry sessions.