Eric Bumstead is presently working towards a PhD in electroacoustic composition at the University of Birmingham, UK, under the direction of Scott Wilson. Previous to his time in Birmingham Eric attended the Banff Centre for the Arts completing a year long performance residency during which he also composed works for computer with percussion and developed interfaces for live performance. Immediately following the residency he traveled to Stanford to complete a workshop in interface design for musical applications.  Eric received a B.Mus from the University of Calgary studying percussion performance with Glenn Price and Rod Squance and composition with Allan Bell and David Eagle. Two of his electroacoustic works were premiered at the 2004 Land’s End Cabaret. He has performed at the High Performance Rodeo with his ensemble Ecclasia. Eric has also performed with the Red Deer Symphony, New Works Calgary, and Land’€™s End Chamber Ensemble.

Eric will be preforming a live electronic set including a Theremin, WiiMote and various percussion instruments.