In addition to promoting live music events, SOUNDkitchen produce their own individual and collaborative work. We are also keen to support the creation of new work by other artists and encourage collaborative projects.

Some of our projects include:

Guided walks designed to encourage active listening to the sound environment. Augmented listening stations provide opportunities to experience the locations from different sonic perspectives through the use of live microphones and pre-recorded audio tracks.

A collaborative audio visual project where the SOUNDkitchen members and 8 additional sound artists each contributed 5 minutes of music made from field recordings in Birmingham. This material formed the soundtrack to a film of contemporary and archive footage of Birmingham by Ross Millar.

The Theatre Of The Mind
A multi-channel sound installation incorporating vintage radios and various props inspired by the advent of commercial radio broadcasting in the 1920s. Produced by SOUNDkitchen.

‘Home’ and ‘Metal’
Two sound installations created with field recordings in response to the themes of ‘Home’ and ‘Metal’. The recordings, submitted by a number of artists, were selected from an open call.

Imperfect Cinema
SOUNDkitchen’s Annie Mahtani and Iain Armstrong composed a collaborative soundtrack to a film documenting Supersonic Festival 2011. The film was produced by Imperfect Cinema from material filmed by festival attendees.

SOUNDkitchen Live

Members of the collective have been giving live performances in various permutations since our inception in 2011. We are interested in the use of field recordings and their manipulation via live electronics. Our performances often include diffusion or live multichannel spatialisation.