photo of ross cotton
photo by EboHero

Roscillator is a strong supporter of the Birmingham music scene, and began listening to Birmingham extraordinaires Pram and Broadcast at the age of thirteen. Thus, he strove to explore a newfound love for the experimental electro world, which has lead him to interview the likes of Gary Numan, Battles and Coppe’. Roscillator is also a music journalist, and he has created a magazine called ‘Something in the Water’, which delves into the past and present music scenes and clubs of Birmingham; presenting them through uniquely illustrated articles.

Roscillator DJs avant-garde, electronica and ambient genres, as well as early industrial synth music, and a variety of Warp records treats.

Ross Cotton Online Portfolio
Including interviews with the likes of Gary NumanBattles and UB40

Read ‘Something in the Water’ magazine issue 1 online here