De Type Inconnu / Rodrigo Constanzo

5 MAY 2012 / 8PM

The Edge, 79-81 Cheapside, Deritend, Birmingham,
B12 0QH

Tickets £6 / £ 4 adv

An evening of live improvisation, instruments and electronics



Sylvain Pohu  Electric guitar and real-time sound processing

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay  Bass Guitar and real-time sound processing

Two electroacoustic composers, two guitars, two improvisers, two laptops. Eleven years of musical adventures within Montréal-based post-free-jazz ensemble [iks] ( Many strings, many sounds, many notes, many noises, many styles.


Rodrigo Constanzo first performed at SOUNDkitchen in July 2011 and we are very excited to have him return this May. He will be performing a live set of improvised music using his ‘drums’ setup which includes very little drums at all. A three piece, nearly child’s sized kit, is modified, and augmented by home made electronic instruments including a three tiered zither like instrument, ‘electronic whisks’, circuit-bent drum machines, a nearly endless amount of brick-a-brack, and a vibrating sex toy, for good measure.

The recent addition of a laptop and monome controller adds an additional layer of glitched out electronics including realtime concatenative synthesis and live sampling/processing.