Series 2013



Thursday 28 February – Hare and Hounds

8pm – 11.30pm

Tickets: £4 Early Bird (until 31 January) £5 Advance, more on the door.

Kicking off our 2013 series we have three great acts that will be sure to titilate those sonic taste buds and set you up for a great year ahead..


Stuart Estell & Sam Underwood – Tuba

Ore play slow music using two tubas and amplification, informed (but not limited) by their enthusiasm for drones, doom metal, improvisation and minimalism.

Ore describe themselves as ‘heavy, but our heaviness comes from the way our bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass sounds hang in the air and relate to their surroundings – natural echoes, natural silences.’
“…authentically unusual sounds from the deep, resonant depths of their instruments, almost pulsing at times as they generated a marvellous, foghorn-deep drone, punctuated by snatched breaths, like hissing gas or the wind’s whistle. The primordial noises were somehow more impressive for being organic in nature and all the more so when you consider that this was the duo’s first public performance.” – The Line Of Best Fit

 Roadside Picnic performs the doberman variations

Justin wiggan (Dreams of Tall Buildings, Red Cross Stare) will begin the exploration into an on going series of works called The Doberman Variations, based on the artists unfounded fascination with dobermans, Grace Jones and abandoned theme parks using fractured and broken records, manipulated ferric cassettes, home made norwegian synths, prepared dictaphones and vocals.


Szilárd is the solo musical alias of emerging Brooklyn-based sound artist, Jeremy Young. His music has been reshaping constantly since he first began composing, but currently takes the form of tone&tape textures that eschew notions of musical stability and consonance. Young is interested in exploring the dialogues between sonic elements, creating interesting environments of sound and utilizing narrative and theory from literature. In performance, he uses multiple simultaneous reel-to- reel tape players, wave oscillators, contact-mics and a wash of reverberating guitar tones, though historically he has made use of elements as diverse as sand, motors, radios and a guzheng. Spokes, his debut full-length release, was created in experimentation with obscure tape-loop installations both around a room and outdoors; taking 1/4″ tape recordings in the woods and immediately playing them back to record along with the natural layering of clean outdoor ambience being woven together in a moment. In this respect, Young sees his solo work as a combination of installation and performance, documented by specific recording treatments.

Young has been awarded a project residency for January, 2013 at the SoundFjord Gallery in London.