Samuel Rodgers is returning to SOUNDkitchen for our final event of the 2014 Series. We enjoyed his appearance with Jack Harris back in 2012 and are looking forward to a solo performance on this occasion.

Rodgers is a musician and artist working across improvisation, composition, performance and installation.┬áHis approach is often characterised by restraint, tending toward silence and sounds on the threshold of perception; sounds in relation to space and the surrounding environment. His work has a gentleness that is often subtle and fragile. Carefully controlled sonic elements, including field recordings, feedback, noise and other electronic sounds, are added and subtracted to the continuum of ‘silence’ in the physical space. This is restrained work, encroaching on the listener’s perception and engaging them in an active listening state.

Rodgers co-curates the Consumer Waste record label and has recordings published by Another Timbre, Cathnor, Organized Music from Thessaloniki, Copy for Your Records and Notice Recordings.