SOUNDkitchen, in collaboration with Frontiers Festival, presents an extended immersive sonic experience of stereophonic and multichannel works. This event is the culmination of a recent call-for-works and focusses on pieces that accentuate the changing use of technology in electronic music, from subtle uses of analogue tape to the shredding extremes of digital. Multichannel works will be presented in their original format whilst stereo pieces will be diffused in real-time over the loudspeaker array by members of the SOUNDkitchen collective.

Featured composers:

James Andean, Girilal Baars, Samuel Barnes, Nicola Casestta, Joel Chetelat, Tunnel Ensemble, Helene Hedsund, Volker Hennes, Vera Ivanova, Jenn Kirby, Panayiotis Kokoras, Charlie Lockwood, Jones Magarucci, Hilary Mullaney, Ben Peers, Frederico Robinson, Stuart Russell, Ambrose Seddon, Kyle Stewart, Rodney Waschka, Lidia Zielinska

21 March 2015
Free event

Presented in association with HFWAS and Minerva Works